About Us

Professional Tree Service Company Committed to Excellence

   Sierra Valley Tree Service is a Professional Tree Service Company Committed to Excellence.

   Sierra Valley Tree Service was founded by Cande Cabral in 1999. Sierra Valley Tree Service in Sacramento
   California is certified by the State of California. Our company is one of the most accredited tree service
   companies in Sacramento.

   Sierra Valley Tree Service owns much of its growth to the diversification of services as well as its mission to
   educate its customers and employees. Sierra Valley Tree Service not only provides residential and commercial
   services such as tree removal, stump grinding, thinning, cleaning, pruning, height reduction/ trimming brush
   chipping, land clearing, lacing and topping; we also offer other services if requested.


   • To educate our customers on safe and proper tree care techniques.

   • To maintain a commitment to our own education so we're constantly able to provide the best information.

   • To deliver exceptional customer service to both our customers and employees.

   • To provide resources and expert advice on tree care.